Relocating to Under Armour? Discover Locust Point and Federal Hill Living

Under Armour is a renowned global sports apparel and accessories brand headquartered in Locust Point, Baltimore. If you're considering relocating to join the Under Armour team and want to walk to work, you'll find that Locust Point and Federal Hill are two of the closest neighborhoods. This guide delves into these dynamic Baltimore neighborhoods' charm, lifestyle, and real estate options.


1. Locust Point: Industrial Charm Meets Modern Living

2. Federal Hill: A Blend of History, Culture, and Vibrancy

3. Living in Baltimore: The Best of Both Worlds

4. Finding Your Perfect Home with Ron Howard and His Greatest Moves Team

Locust Point: Industrial Charm Meets Modern Living

Locust Point, the home of Under Armour, is a neighborhood steeped in Baltimore's rich industrial history. It has transformed into a vibrant residential area that perfectly blends its historical roots with modern living.

History and Development

Originally a point of entry for immigrants and a hub of industry, Locust Point has evolved while preserving its historical essence. The presence of Under Armour has spurred further development, turning old warehouses into chic offices and residential spaces.

Lifestyle and Amenities

Residents of Locust Point enjoy a serene waterfront lifestyle with access to parks like Latrobe Park, offering green spaces and recreational facilities. The neighborhood boasts various local restaurants, cafes, and shops, providing a small-town feel within the city.

Housing Options

The real estate landscape in Locust Point ranges from traditional row houses to modern condos and apartments. The area offers housing options for various lifestyles, from young professionals to families.

Federal Hill: A Blend of History, Culture, and Vibrancy

Just a short distance from Locust Point is Federal Hill, a neighborhood known for its picturesque views, historic architecture, and lively cultural scene.

Historical Significance

Federal Hill is named after the prominent hill that was a lookout during the Civil War and War of 1812. The neighborhood's streets are lined with charming brick row houses, many dating back to the 19th century.

Cultural and Social Scene

Federal Hill is famous for its active social scene, with many bars, restaurants, and boutiques. The neighborhood is also home to the Cross Street Market, a local favorite for fresh food and community gatherings.

Real Estate Diversity

Federal Hill offers diverse housing options, from historic homes to contemporary apartments. The neighborhood appeals to those who enjoy a more urban and social lifestyle.

Living in Baltimore: The Best of Both Worlds

Locust Point and Federal Hill offer unique living experiences while providing easy access to Under Armour's headquarters. These neighborhoods exemplify the best of Baltimore living - a city rich in history and culture yet constantly evolving to meet modern needs. There are so many other areas a short drive away from headquarters that can be found here.

Finding Your Perfect Home with Ron Howard and His Greatest Moves Team

When relocating to work at Under Armour and wanting to walk to work, a home in Locust Point or Federal Hill would be perfect. Ron Howard and his Greatest Moves team are invaluable resources. Our expertise in the Baltimore area real estate market ensures you find a home that fits your lifestyle and needs, making your transition to Maryland seamless and enjoyable.

In conclusion, relocating to work at Under Armour opens the door to experiencing Baltimore's most dynamic neighborhoods. Whether you prefer the industrial chic of Locust Point or the historic charm and vibrancy of Federal Hill, these areas offer walkable and fantastic living options. With the help of Ron Howard and his team, finding your ideal home in any area neighborhood can be an exciting and rewarding journey.

FAQs About Living Near Under Armour in Baltimore

  1. What is the cost of living in Locust Point and Federal Hill?  The cost of living varies, with Locust Point generally being more residential and Federal Hill more urban. Both offer a range of options, from affordable to luxury housing.

  2. How far are Locust Point and Federal Hill from Under Armour's headquarters?  Both neighborhoods are conveniently located adjacent to Under Armour’s headquarters, making for an easy commute.

  3. What are the public transportation options in these neighborhoods?  Baltimore's public transportation, including buses and the Charm City Circulator, serves both neighborhoods, providing easy access to the city.

  4. Are Locust Point and Federal Hill family-friendly?  Both neighborhoods offer parks, recreational facilities, and community events, making them suitable for families and individuals.

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