5 Things To Know BEFORE Moving to Fell's Point in Baltimore City, MD

People of all ages love living in Fell’s Point because of its walkability and vibrancy. Situated along the north shores of the Baltimore Harbor and the Patapsco River, Fell’s Point was used as early as the mid-1600s as a port because of its access to deep water. There actually used to be three more waterways–Jones Falls, Harford Run, and Harris Creek. Founders William Fell and his son Edward Fell established the area as a more permanent wharf village with homes and shipyards in the mid-1700s. Fell’s Point was also home for a time to the freed slave, abolitionist, and statesman Frederick Douglass.  In modern-day Baltimore, the neighborhood is sandwiched between Canton to the east and Harbor East to the west. In Fell’s Point you’ll find some of the most charming colonial architecture, narrow wharf houses, and “cobblestone” streets. There’s so much to discover whether you’re a tourist or local!


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The main walking streets of Fell’s Point are Thames and Broadway. More car-friendly roads are Aliceanna and Fleet. On Thames Street you’ll find numerous restaurants, pubs, coffee spots, and mom & pop gift shops. The Broadway Market features a dozen local food vendors, including seafood, classic deli, Thai, and Polish cuisine. If you’re walking for exercise, the Promenade goes straight through the neighborhood along the water. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies and smaller streets to explore. Some of the older homes have an almost fairy-tale cottage feel with the Flemish-style brick bonds. Picture brightly colored window shutters and flower boxes. Any time of day, Fell’s feels like a buzzing, thriving place. You’ll hear street performers, live music in bars, and the bustling sounds of people laughing on sidewalks. Walk like a cat if you’re wearing stilettos on a night out because it’s easy to stumble on the uneven payment. The stones are actually Belgian Block, which were originally used as ballast in ships. The weight was only needed for a one-way trip before cargo was carried, so the blocks were left behind and made into streets. When you live in or visit Fell’s Point, history mingles with the contemporary, and you never know what kind of treasures you’ll find. 

Best Restaurants & Pubs

If you are looking for live music, great draught beer selection, or some of the best fine dining in Baltimore, look no further than Fell’s Point. The Admiral’s Cup sits right on the water with indoor and outdoor tables, so you can get right up close to the bands or get a little more space for conversation. This place has live music DAILY. Since 1975, Cat’s Eye Pub has been a true local’s haunt with favorite bartenders and amazing musicians. This place is always packed! To spread out with a large group of friends and socialize over beers, I’d recommend Max’s Taphouse. Family owned and operated since 1986, this place has 108 draught and over 1600 bottles and cans for the true beer-lover. For dancing and club music, check out The Horse You Came In On Saloon, Barcocina, and The Rockwell. Thames Street Oyster House is a New England-style oyster house where you’ll taste some of the best cold-water Maine lobster butter-poached on a brioche bun. You’ll also get outstanding Maryland-style crab cakes. When it comes to quality seafood and amazing preparation, I’d say this spot is one of the best in Maryland. The Choptank has a great space to hang outdoors featuring gas fire pits and cornhole with an upscale twist. Duck Duck Goose has quintessential modern French cuisine. Converted into a boutique hotel and restaurant from the old Recreation Pier, Sagamore Pendry is the ultimate experience of decadence and luxury in Baltimore. You could spend days, weeks, or years in Fell’s Point and still be discovering all of the nooks and crannies.

Farmers Market

For fresh local produce, artisanal crafts, and tasty treats, the Fell’s Point Farmers Market is top notch! It operates year-round on Saturday’s from 9:00am-12:30pm in Broadway Square. Start your morning by grabbing breakfast at Bottoms Up Bagels and coffee at Zeke’s. If you need a healthy jolt, try Wild Kombucha or Reviive Juices. Stroll around checking out handmade soy wax candles from DanCandle, skin care products from Basic Girl Co., and Mt. Royal Soaps. Albright Farms, Braglio Farms, Hillside Meadow Farm, and Old Magnolia Organic Farm provide all of your seasonal fruits and vegetables–the best sweet corn and vine-ripe tomatoes in the summer, and hearty kale and comforting butternut squash for soups in the winter. For preserved and canned goods make sure you sample Delmarva Popcorn, Hon’s Honey, Phil’s Dills, and awesome spice blends at Max’s Degrees. As it gets closer to lunchtime, your mouth will start watering for pulled pork and brisket from Barber Q, DMV Empanadas, and salmon from Neopol Smokery. If you need a sweet treat fix, try Cajou Creamery, McAllen’s Toffee, Migue’s Magnificent Mini Donuts, and Prigel Family Creamery. Pick up beverages for your Saturday night from Boordy Vineyards, Checkerspot Brewing, Slate Farm Brewery, Old Line Spirits, and Charm City Meadworks. There are so many more fantastic vendors that I haven’t even included on this list. The Fell’s Point Farmers Market brings together the best of Maryland all in one place and we are so lucky to be connected to all of these talented people. 

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Coffee & Desserts

Outside of the farmer’s market, you can always get your morning cup of Joe, a fabulous pastry, or ice cream at any number of places in Fell’s Point. My go-to casual spot for coffee and a breakfast sandwich is Daily Grind on Thames Street. You can’t beat the prices or service here. You are always greeted by friendly staff and there’s a certain cozy charm and eccentricity to the place. The walls feature artwork from local artists. There are cork boards with flyers promoting goings-on in the neighborhood and around the city. You’ll see people working on their laptops, taking a break from the office, or meeting with friends. There’s a convenient take out window, so you can keep your dog with you. Another great spot with a more European-vibe is Pitango Bakery Cafe. This place has extensive outdoor seating with great views of the water. The cafe itself is situated on the narrow point of Ann and Fell Street, with windows all around, so you can easily see out from indoors as well. You’ll find French and Italian-style pastries here, a perfect espresso, and prosciutto on a fresh piece of focaccia. Pitango Gelato is a separate location on Broadway where you will be transported straight to Florence or Venice with classic hazelnut and stracciatella flavors. For American-style hand-dipped ice cream with the cherry on top, you’ll get everything you need at Fell’s Point Creamery.


For an all-around fun and swashbuckling adventure, Urban Pirates is a must! Two ships, The Fearless and The Relentless, can take up to 49 passengers each. All captains are licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard, and the engines are powered by twin Volvo 225 hp diesel duo-propstem drivers. Safety first! Urban Pirates offers group rates for large parties, or you can walk up the gangplank alone and meet new hearties. What happens? The ship departs from Fell’s Point and carries you around the harbor. For one hour, you are at the mercy of the scallywag crew who will lead you in chants, shanties, and drinking games. Dress up and get into character. It’s b.y.o.b.! Make sure you respond with an enthusiastic “ARR!” every time you are asked a question. Use the water cannons to attack other ships. You might be three sheets to the wind when you get back, so pace yourself and listen to your trusty crew.  Savvy? 


Fell’s Point is a truly unique place to call home, full of history and teeming with activity. If you love spending more time walking than being in a car commuting, then Fell’s Point is the place for you. Start your day with a cup of coffee looking at the harbor waters sparkling in the morning sun. Take a leisurely walk or invigorating run along the promenade. Get your produce for the week every Saturday at the farmer’s market. Spend the evenings sipping a perfectly-made cocktail and laughing with a friend at a local watering hole. Go home to a house full of architectural charm and character, or enjoy the vista from a modern luxury condo. In Fell’s Point you can have your gelato, and eat it too. 


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